Thursday, 22 June 2017

Malaysians Daily Dilemma

Do you know what is the daily dilemma for us Malaysians?  
Deciding on what to eat!

That’s right, some couples even get into heated arguments because of this. It certainly is an issue for many and it’s no different for me. Being a part of a multiracial country, the dilemma only worsens. First we have to decide on the cuisine and then the location but more often than not things don’t go as planned as there’s always that one person who would change their mind in the last minute, bringing us back to square one again

Since it was a day that I have least work to do, I decided on banana leaf! You can never go back to work after a hearty banana leaf meal. You’ll be snoozing off! I am truly a foodie at heart. Ask anyone who knows me. I love exploring new places, trying out the new & sharing what I have tried. On a serious note guys, who can resist having freshly cooked parboiled rice drenched in assorted curries, with side vegetables, meat, yogurt and rasam to cap off the meal.

UMAC House has always been a place I would love to try! University of Malaya Academic Club was once hidden, open to only their members. It is now a favorite place of many ever since they have opened it to public. Situated behind lush greenery, the place is kind of secluded as the club is housed within a bungalow. UMAC House is located just across the road from Universiti Hospital. No difficulty finding a parking spot. It was very convenient for me. Some of my friends did complain they have to park further down & walk.


Having a leisurely banana leaf rice meal amidst cool lush greenery, to me it was a change in the usual environment. The house offers two kinds of dining options - Outside, well, more like verandah sitting area, and inside with air-conditioning sitting area. When seated at the verandah, one can enjoy the lush greenery surroundings whilst enjoying the meal, a moment to forget that you are in a busy city. I found the surrounding rather peaceful. Perfect setting to eat more :D. As for the inside air-conditioning seating, isn't that big a place. Tables in here were rather narrow.

Ordering is pretty much straightforward — the staff will place fresh banana leaf on your table and top it up with rice, vegetables and curry. Prices starts at RM5/6 for a serving of banana leaf rice with rice, papad, curry gravies and vegetables. Additional orders for other items are charges separately. Prices are very reasonable, as displayed on a notice at the payment counter. On Tuesdays and Fridays, they serve a larger variety of vegetarian dishes.

I felt that it was definitely worth a try. What did I like the most? The ambience of the place. I doubt I’ve ever been to any banana leaf restaurant with such a set up. Do give it a try and let me know what you think! 

UMAC House Banana Leaf Rice
(University Malaya Academic Club)
No.1 Jalan 12/5,
Seksyen 12,
Petaling Jaya.
012 952 1822

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Joel said...

Thanks for the review. Looks like I have got my weekend lunch plan sorted 🙂