Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Spicy Birthday

Honestly, getting gifts for people isn’t my forte. It’s really a mentally challenging task! And so I believe that if you don’t know how to find the right gift for someone, just give them money :D  However, if I did that to my mom, she would respond, “never mind la, you wishing me is good enough!” but of course it’s never that simple with mothers for it will be only a matter of time before they find an opportunity to bite back at your ‘callousness’; “Look at aunt’s kids- so sweet! They did this and that for their mom”. 
Oh come on!

Last year, I got my mom a large bouquet of purple roses and she loved it! We have a round table in the house and she actually kept it on it! She even tried to prolong its lifespan by religiously changing the water in the vase. 

Me: Amma please la, it’s eventually going to die!
Mom: What you know!
Me: -.-

3 hours of spa! That’s it! I knew that that has to be the best gift for her and so I booked a slot but before that I had to make sure she was available and so I texted her from work;

*our WhatsApp convo * 

What did I tell you?! I think the female species are all the same. Sheeeshhhhh.

Though despite enjoying her spa day she kept complaining how pricey it was - “So expensive laaa, Who asked you to waste your money?”
 I know you loved it, amma & you are most welcome!

Amma loves her chilies! She is a real Indian I tell you. I can’t eat spicy food as much as she does. I do love my soups, hot water and noodles – maybe I’ve got Chinese genes hidden somewhere :p 

Whenever kakak cooks, mom makes sure that she cooks it extra spicy and that obviously makes it inedible to me. Maybe it’s their way of not wanting me to eat. Hmmm. She says it’s addictive and maybe it is. I suppose a little spiciness wouldn’t hurt a meal.

Thus, I decided to get creative.


 Taaaaddaaaaaaa :D

The perfect cake for my dearest amma who loves her cili padi (birds eye chili). 

After a while, when we were in the kitchen and mom went like 
“I feel like having something spicy”.

Surprise, surprise.


Priyanka said...

Lol. Such a cute post.

Jeff Lim said...

Well written article. Mothers being mothers. They're amazing like that :)

Mc Mak said...

Lol literally as I was reading the article