Monday, 6 June 2016

Just a Smile!

I have repeatedly discovered that it is important for me not to surpass my capacity for responsibility. Over the years, this capacity has grown, but my tendency of exceeding it has not changed.

Two days ago, I visited the bank to sort my bills and all that I have been procrastinating for a long time. I noticed that the longer I procrastinate on something, the guiltier I feel about it. The guilt I feel then causes me to avoid the issue further, which only leads to more guilt and more procrastination. In time, it grows so large that merely carrying it around with me feels like a huge responsibility. It takes up a sizable portion of my capacity, leaving me almost completely useless for anything other than consuming more food and surfing the internet ad infinitum

Anyways, as I was saying, I was at the bank and service was slow as usual (I will not name the bank as I’ve really got nothing positive to say about it :P). After an arduous 30 minutes wait, my number was called. There were 4 staffs behind the counter and only 5 people at the bank. What in the world made me think that I could settle my business within 15 minutes? Of course that wasn’t going to happen! Maybe there are banks that are efficient but certainly not this one. I brushed aside my waiting ordeal and decided to be nice. I always try to be nice. I believe that a simple phrase such as “good morning/ have a good day” could potentially be all it takes to make a person’s day. 

My number was called, I walked over to the counter, greeted “Good morning” and smiled. The lady behind the counter was very kind and helpful to everything that I had to ask.

Then, a really cute and slightly hunched old lady walked into the bank. She took her number and waited beside me till her number was called. I smiled at this woman who was extremely adorable. The ‘kakak’ behind the counter told her to take a seat but she didn’t want to. She said she had walked too much and after 10 minutes her number was called. Her counter was right beside mine but unfortunately the girl who was assisting her was a newbie and so she didn’t know how to proceed with the elderly woman’s transaction. Aiyoo! Why do banks allow newbies to handle such cases? Naturally, this made the lady very frustrated.  

She started yelling at the newbie staff and things got messy. The kakak who was handling my transaction had to calm the woman by reassuring her that she will handle her issue once mine is done. She looked at me and we started having a conversation. She asked me what my name was and from there on our conversation only got deeper.

Apparently, the elderly woman had worked in a bank many, many years ago. According to her, back then, everyone knew their work. No nonsense! No excuses! The sentence “Saya baru, saya tak tahu” was never uttered. Their bosses were so strict that it was inevitable that the services that they rendered was excellent. I bet it was. Those were the days. Sorry to say but today, any tom, dick and harry could work in a bank. Eventually, our conversation led into politics and a summary of her biography in the time I was waiting for my transaction to be done. From her work history, marriage, kids, where she lives and what she is currently doing, she poured it all out unto me.

I realized in that moment that being nice is not an easy thing. All it takes is just a smile for a conversation to begin. She obviously felt comfortable to have vented her frustration on me which, in turn led to a lengthy conversation. Unfortunately, I had to end it when ‘kakak’ was done with my transactions. Before I took off, she bade me farewell by saying “Girl, I wish you all the best in your life and career. You will do great things. God Bless you”.

That sentence made my entire day! 
So much power in so little words.

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