Friday, 3 June 2016

EMP Fashion Walk Spring/Summer 2016

Around the world, clothing and adornments distinguish people and cultures. Often an observer’s first hint about the people wearing them, clothes can reflect tradition, spirituality, and utility—or simply fashion’s ephemeral nature and widespread influence. 

Back in the day, fashion in India was mostly made out cotton. India was the first place where people grew cotton, as early as 2500 BC. Women wore a very long piece of cloth called a sari that they wrapped around themselves in different ways. The word "sari" comes from a Sanskrit word that just means cloth. The rich wore saris made of silk from China, but most women wore cotton saris. If you were to pay attention to the trends in the fashion industry today, you'll notice that modern fashion has aped the styles and designs of bygone eras, the age of royalty when Maharajas and Ranis used to spend extravagantly on their clothing. Many creative fashion designers today are in the lookout for ethnic designs that take us closer to our cultural roots that also remind us of our glorious past. 

Fashion shows of such nature that are held across the world are gaining in popularity. Focusing on varied concepts, these shows offer a different perspective to fashion. For something closer to home, I decided to take a look at a recent fashion show which took Indian fashion enthusiasts and the media by storm. EMP Fashion Walk Spring/Summer 2016 which was hosted on the 30th of April 2016 in the Black Box, Publika, is still the talk of the town despite being held more than a month ago. 

Jay Vin & Rathanee
EMP Fashion Walk Spring/Summer 2016 was organized by EMP Fashion House, an organization founded by two talented 26 year olds, Rathanee Datchnamoorthy and Jay Vin in the year 2011. For the first time ever, Indian Fashion Designers had the opportunity to showcase their collection in a focused platform thanks to the efforts of EMP. The event was a resounding success, receiving great support from a crowd of 350 people who witnessed a show of this kind for the first time in Malaysia.  

EMP Fashion Walk 2016 featured more than 10 designers. The show was kicked off by ‘Gen Next Designers’, Sidra from Raffles College and Chandriga from the International Academy of Fashion & Design. 

Sangeetha Radhakrishnan
Hariharan Arasu
Kavita Chetty
Harshini Sukumaran
Rachel Kaur
Roova Li Juan
Krishan Bahadur

Tanesha Vinod

It was then continued with accessory designer Sangeetha Radhakrishnan, guest designer Indrajith from Sri Lanka, and lastly emerging designers Hariharan Arasu, Uvanesvary, Kavitha Chetty, Harshini Sukumaran, Hycinthe & Rachel Kaur, Roova Li Juan, Krishan Bahadur and Tanesha Vinod. 

There were many elite guests who attended the event. EMP Fashion Walk Spring/Summer 2016 was graced with the presence of Mr.Bon Zainal, Datin Shaila Nair, Mr.C.K., Goldkartz, THR Raaga’s Anantha and the director of BAC College, Mr.Balasingam. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that their presence made the show that much more glamourous and enigmatic. On the side of sponsors, they had Herfit-Firming Expert as the title sponsor,, Raffles College, MAPKL and Rihanna Giuppesse Bridal Studio. Adding even more to the spectacle was our local singer, Meroshana who highlighted the evening with her soulful voice.  

I must say the collection that was presented on the ramp was everything a wardrobe of special summer ensembles to be. It is amazing to see how far the Indian fashion scene in Malaysia has progressed and we have EMP to thank for doing an amazing job raising the bar of the industry. Excelsior!  

To EMP and all the designers who had showcased their designs, I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your future endeavors! 


jo kavee said...

Hi Ms Aruna,

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Is this EMP Fashion Walk is an annual event ?

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Aruna Sukumar said...

Hi Jo Kavee, so sorry but I'm not sure if its an annual event. You may check for more details on their FB page.