Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Love of my Life

I routinely follow my bf to the Pet Station in Damansara to do 'grocery shopping’ for his bunny. I would help him get food, hay and other such necessities for it. For the record, I’m not a bunny person; never have been nor do I think I would ever be one. 

Yes, yes I know that they are amazing indoor pets. They can be adorable and brimming with personality and all but you know they just aren’t like…. dogs!


My bf's bunny, Barney, is a male Holland Loop that is black in colour. He got him for RM600 (I know right) - almost the price of a dog. Anyway, my bf felt that this furry little fellow seemed rather lonely and so he decided to get him some company. And so we went hunting for the cheapest, cutest bunny that we could find with the condition that it had to be a male. 
We just couldn't allow them to multiply; way too much work. 

Searching high and low, we finally found ourselves in an aquarium shop in Old Klang Road, located in the same row as the car wash shop. As we walked in we saw a small, transparent container in which bunnies were kept. There were about 5-6 of them. The helper came and I told him specifically what I wanted; a male bunny. He then proceeded to separate all the males from the females one at a time. There were 3 of them.
There was one in particular that didn’t want to let me go. I took the time to look at it longer as he slept on my chest and in an instance I fell in love with him. I looked at my bf and said, "This is the one!" "Are you sure," he asked. "I am absolutely sure!" I answered. We paid and left the shop. I held him in my arms for a very long time. My bf didn’t get a chance :p When we got back we settled him in a spare cage.

 Her first picture right after I got her from the Pet Shop

The next day, we took our little bunny to the vet just for a check up to make sure that he was in good health. At the examination room, the first thing that the doctor asked us after examining him was “So when did you get her?"
“Whoa whoaaa hold on there. Herrrr?? What you mean by HER???” I was taken aback and so was my bf but his expression was nowhere near as dramatic as mine. The doctor checked again to make sure and he was absolutely certain of it! As he continued to explain to us of the results of the examination, I was completely lost in my own thoughts. “Damn it! I’m already in love with her. What should I do?” 

We paid the bill and as we walked to the car I couldn’t help but wonder what to do. He was like never mind let’s keep her. We can neuter her when she gets older but I wasn’t so sure about it. I remember reading somewhere that it’s risky to neuter bunnies. I then decided to keep her for some time until we came to a concrete decision.

And that was the last conversation we had about my bf keeping or neutering my baby bunny, Lulu. Yes that was what I named her. From the cartoon series ‘The little Lulu’ show. She reminded me so much of her. Always in and out of trouble, a little mischievous, such a loving creature and extremely smart. I have 3 dogs at home and she’s kept in a room where she gets to see the dogs through a transparent glass door. 

I swear, she behaves just like a dog at times. She probably thinks she is one of them!  

 The Little Lulu

Gosh I love her so much. 
Who would have thought that one could love a bunny so much. 
She is truly the love of my life. 


Lee said...

Such an interesting post. I own a guinea pig. Not sure if they are like the bunnies.

Aruna Sukumar said...

Hi Lee, they are not alike. I own a guinea pig too. Get a rabbit. They make amazing indoor pets :D