Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Teeth Ordeal

I woke up feeling heavy headed today  
(I had been warned not to have too many drinks but you know me :P)
and with great reluctance, I tucked away the most comfortable quilt that I had ever slept on and slowly dragged myself out of the bed and into the bathroom zig zagging like a bee. 

As I brushed my teeth with the toothbrush that I had been using for 5 months now, I noticed that the bristles were frayed and it doesn’t feel like its cleaning the way it used to; guess it’s time for a change. Washing my face with cold water and looking into the mirror, I went,
”WTF.. Are those wrinkles??? Shit!!! NOOOOO! This is not good!”
 I must find a way to cover them. 

As I shrugged the thought away, I smiled widely and noticed that something was a little odd with my teeth! They seem to look… different. When did this happen? I didn’t notice anything yesterday. I couldn’t help but scrutinize my teeth the way a dentist would. Alarmed by what I saw, I just had to give the dentist a visit.

It took quite a bit to get an appointment with the dentist. After a lengthy review of the insides of my mouth, she concluded that I needed braces! Again! FML. You see a few years ago, I was on braces and apparently the previous doctor didn’t do a good job. To be honest, I am partly to be blamed for my current predicament  
(I had not worn my retainers the way I was instructed to :p)

And so this is my new dentist and I’m never going back to the previous one. Really, we need more quality dentists! As for the name of my current doc, I’ll let you know if my teeth ends up looking pretty :D

Have a pleasant day ahead!


Emily said...

Can hardly tell if this is a personal account or fiction but made a lovely read. Very entertained by it!

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

That sounds like an ordeal and a toothache is never a laughing matter... it is sheer torture... I know.. I have gone through it before... it makes you feel like blowing your brains out seems like a good option... hahaah