Friday, 14 April 2017

The Conversation

So it is Thaipusam today (actually I’m pretty sure it isn’t because you’re likely to be reading this a couple of months down the road. The blogging format & all can be a pretty tedious..) and honestly, I had just the weirdest conversation with my dad. Never in these many years has he ever spoken to me in such a tone. Hmmm..makes me wonder why. It’s either he has given up on me or he was just being sarcastic (if he was I wasn’t getting any of it) 
or perhaps he has changed :O 

Haha. Anyway, I do believe that it happened for the best.

My naina (dad in Telugu) is an orthodox & over protective gentleman. I’m sure I’m not the only one here – as you know Indian parents are well.. Indians and Indian daughters are like precious flowers to them :p Sometimes I don’t get why they perceive me the way that they do but I guess I would only understand when I become a parent myself.

Anyway, I was rushing to work and I bumped into him on the way out and this was our conversation :-

Naina: You know right?! Today is Thaipusam?!
Me: Yes, yes I prayed earlier at home.
Naina: Are you going to temple with Amma & I
Me: Hahah. Naina, I’m sure you know what my answer is going to be.
Naina: Hahah. Yeah. Ok. Have you taken your breakfast?!
Me: Yes.
Naina: What you had?
Me: Toast, butter & milo.
Naina: Don’t lie. Go and eat now.
Me: I just did. Ask amma. (Amma wasn’t there for his immediate ‘counsil’ and so I decided to use her as my alibi. Oh and I did have my breakfast). 
Naina: Ok.  Drive safe.
Me: Ok bye naina.

Could you spot what was incredibly odd about the conversation? All he did was laugh and said OKAY when I said I wasn’t going to the temple! Not only that, he actually moved on to another question! Trust me, this has never happened before. It used to always end up in a long lecture on how much of a “Velakarichi” (Western wannabe) I’m turning out to be. Lol.

Oh well I’m just glad the conversation ended as such. Our relationship is literally like cats & dogs. We hardly agree to anything and he gets in my nerves most of the time and so I find it amazing that I still love him as much as I do. I guess that’s his weird way of showing me that he cares.

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