Friday, 29 December 2017

The Must Try Noodles!

I’m back! 
I've been really busy with work and life in general that my blog has unfortunately taken a back seat. Whenever I had the time to spare, I find myself only wanting to watch a good movie at home. 
Perhaps I'm getting old :(

Thus, what better way is there than to start blogging again talking about food! There is a place that deserves to be spoken about. My dad and I were out and about and as usual it wasn't long before I became hungry. We were along Sungai Besi and he suggested a place there. Apparently, they served some of the most delicious Wan Tan Noodles that he had ever tried and being a huge fan of noodles, I was super hyped to give it a go! 


 For many of us Malaysians, a plate of Wan Tan Noodles is among the greatest of comfort foods to be found in the country. The Malaysian version has noodles served dry with a bowl of wonton and soup on the side. The dish may look simple but it takes a lot of care and attention as each of the components need to be just right – the rich soup, springy noodles but tender, the vegetables green and crunchy, the goldfish-like wonton filled with delicious shrimp and pork/ chicken and the sauce sufficient enough to bind all of the elements together in order to create the perfect meal.


Now back to my story. Where was I? Ahh yes it was hands down the yummiest Wan Tan Noodles that I had ever tasted! I ordered it with steam chicken (why chicken and not the sweet pork? Naina!  - Enough said :P). The portion was honestly big, at least for me. We paid RM 7 for a plate and God it was good. The chicken was very tender and the soup was filled with flavorings  (MSG was one of their flavorings which I honestly thought was added a little too much). You could also opt for other toppings such as duck, boar and other kinds of meat that I wasn't familiar with, which I’m sure would have been equally excellent!

As for the place, I have to say that the ambiance wasn't to my liking. I was a little skeptical when I was first brought here but as they say, the most delicious foods are more often that not found in places that you least expect! They are open from 6 pm to about 3 am or until they have exhausted their supplies for the day. Knowing where the stall is one thing but getting there however, is another matter altogether. If it wasn’t for my dad, I doubt I would have been able to find this elusive stall. Apparently, they are on the Waze.

An automobile workshop operates at the premise during the day and at night, the place turns into a stall that is a popular spot for late night party goers and night shift workers. I was surprised when I found out that the food and drinks were prepared by foreigners!

Honestly, just talking about this is making me so hungry. The stall is definitely a must visit 'makan spot' in the Klang Valley! A good place to stop by for dinner or even late night supper. Slightly pricier in comparison to other Wan Tan Noodles stalls out there but it is definitely worth a try! 

Give it a shot and let me know. 

Wan Tan Mee Sungai Besi
Not Halal
Opens at 6pm – 3am
190H, Jalan 2 1/2 Miles Sg. Besi,
Kuala Lumpur


Monday, 10 July 2017

The Old Habit

If you’re having a meal right now I would suggest that you finish it first, before reading this. Just trust me on this.

Honestly, I felt the need to blog about this because it happens so often that people think its fine to do it in public! Seriously, this is what happens when someone is too engrossed in what they’re doing. I mean it’s good to be giving your fullest attention to what you’re doing but that’s only if it’s for all the right reasons!

I was feeling under the weather about a week ago and so I decided to head to the clinic to get myself checked. I never liked visiting hospitals or clinics, not that I’m against them but I just don’t like being the patient. Anyway, the waiting queue was pretty long and I found myself sitting opposite a father & his daughter (not sure who was the patient). Since it was going to be a long wait, I decided to go to the convenient store next door to grab a quick bite. I bought myself a bar of green tea flavored kitkat (It’s the best I tell you and if you’ve not tried or even heard of it then click here)  and promptly returned to the clinic, sitting in the same place.

When I was to about to unwrap the kitkat, something made me look up and, WAIT before I say anything further, I need to ask you this. How would you feel if you saw someone picking their nose and then eating it? 

Exactly what I thought! The young girl in front of me was doing just that! The worst part was what her father did as he watched her. Nothing! She was really going for it. It was as if she believed there was gold hidden somewhere deep within her nostrils and of course she didn’t stop there; she had to stick her ‘findings’ all over the clinic wall. 
Arghhhh I swear the OCD in me was going nuts.
Honestly, I wouldn’t blame the girl for picking her nose in public; it’s the parent’s duty to teach their children about personal hygiene and ignoring that just comes to show how much attention is given to the subject. Dear parents, there are other kids who also visit the clinic and kids being kids, they will want to touch & play with everything they see. 

Another similar incident was when I was having dinner at a seafood restaurant. A family of five was sitting around a table at the far end of the restaurant and after having their meal, the father’s fingers were in his nostrils & then it went straight to his mouth! Aiyo why la, why? Was the dinner not fulfilling? He didn’t even bother to use Kleenex or even wash his hands after. Thank god I was done with my meal. 

Most of us do it, but few are willing to admit to it. If we get caught red-handed, that would be a shameful and regretful experience. I mean come on, there are only a handful of people who would disagree that picking one’s nose in public is something to be frowned upon and eating the waste, well that’s plain gross. Now I’m not saying nose picking is completely unacceptable - just don’t do it in public.

Yes picking one’s nose is a normal thing but what can you do to prevent the itch of doing it in public? Do it when you’re in the shower or washroom and remember to wash your hands with soap after. Make it a habit so you wouldn’t need to do it in public and if you happen to see a friend doing the deed, address it immediately but please do it with grace – offer them some Kleenex or wet wipes. 

Let’s make the world a cleaner & more hygienic place to live in. It all starts with us. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Spicy Birthday

Honestly, getting gifts for people isn’t my forte. It’s really a mentally challenging task! And so I believe that if you don’t know how to find the right gift for someone, just give them money :D  However, if I did that to my mom, she would respond, “never mind la, you wishing me is good enough!” but of course it’s never that simple with mothers for it will be only a matter of time before they find an opportunity to bite back at your ‘callousness’; “Look at aunt’s kids- so sweet! They did this and that for their mom”. 
Oh come on!

Last year, I got my mom a large bouquet of purple roses and she loved it! We have a round table in the house and she actually kept it on it! She even tried to prolong its lifespan by religiously changing the water in the vase. 

Me: Amma please la, it’s eventually going to die!
Mom: What you know!
Me: -.-

3 hours of spa! That’s it! I knew that that has to be the best gift for her and so I booked a slot but before that I had to make sure she was available and so I texted her from work;

*our WhatsApp convo * 

What did I tell you?! I think the female species are all the same. Sheeeshhhhh.

Though despite enjoying her spa day she kept complaining how pricey it was - “So expensive laaa, Who asked you to waste your money?”
 I know you loved it, amma & you are most welcome!

Amma loves her chilies! She is a real Indian I tell you. I can’t eat spicy food as much as she does. I do love my soups, hot water and noodles – maybe I’ve got Chinese genes hidden somewhere :p 

Whenever kakak cooks, mom makes sure that she cooks it extra spicy and that obviously makes it inedible to me. Maybe it’s their way of not wanting me to eat. Hmmm. She says it’s addictive and maybe it is. I suppose a little spiciness wouldn’t hurt a meal.

Thus, I decided to get creative.


 Taaaaddaaaaaaa :D

The perfect cake for my dearest amma who loves her cili padi (birds eye chili). 

After a while, when we were in the kitchen and mom went like 
“I feel like having something spicy”.

Surprise, surprise.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Malaysians Daily Dilemma

Do you know what is the daily dilemma for us Malaysians?  
Deciding on what to eat!

That’s right, some couples even get into heated arguments because of this. It certainly is an issue for many and it’s no different for me. Being a part of a multiracial country, the dilemma only worsens. First we have to decide on the cuisine and then the location but more often than not things don’t go as planned as there’s always that one person who would change their mind in the last minute, bringing us back to square one again

Since it was a day that I have least work to do, I decided on banana leaf! You can never go back to work after a hearty banana leaf meal. You’ll be snoozing off! I am truly a foodie at heart. Ask anyone who knows me. I love exploring new places, trying out the new & sharing what I have tried. On a serious note guys, who can resist having freshly cooked parboiled rice drenched in assorted curries, with side vegetables, meat, yogurt and rasam to cap off the meal.

UMAC House has always been a place I would love to try! University of Malaya Academic Club was once hidden, open to only their members. It is now a favorite place of many ever since they have opened it to public. Situated behind lush greenery, the place is kind of secluded as the club is housed within a bungalow. UMAC House is located just across the road from Universiti Hospital. No difficulty finding a parking spot. It was very convenient for me. Some of my friends did complain they have to park further down & walk.


Having a leisurely banana leaf rice meal amidst cool lush greenery, to me it was a change in the usual environment. The house offers two kinds of dining options - Outside, well, more like verandah sitting area, and inside with air-conditioning sitting area. When seated at the verandah, one can enjoy the lush greenery surroundings whilst enjoying the meal, a moment to forget that you are in a busy city. I found the surrounding rather peaceful. Perfect setting to eat more :D. As for the inside air-conditioning seating, isn't that big a place. Tables in here were rather narrow.

Ordering is pretty much straightforward — the staff will place fresh banana leaf on your table and top it up with rice, vegetables and curry. Prices starts at RM5/6 for a serving of banana leaf rice with rice, papad, curry gravies and vegetables. Additional orders for other items are charges separately. Prices are very reasonable, as displayed on a notice at the payment counter. On Tuesdays and Fridays, they serve a larger variety of vegetarian dishes.

I felt that it was definitely worth a try. What did I like the most? The ambience of the place. I doubt I’ve ever been to any banana leaf restaurant with such a set up. Do give it a try and let me know what you think! 

UMAC House Banana Leaf Rice
(University Malaya Academic Club)
No.1 Jalan 12/5,
Seksyen 12,
Petaling Jaya.
012 952 1822